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Stained Wood? Have No Fear!

I sat down on my couch the other day and realized there was an unsightly white ring on my beautiful coffee table. Clearly someone (most likely me) had set a hot mug of coffee on there which had penetrated the stain. Fortunately, I was able to remove it. But what happens when it’s a deeper stain? Read on to find out!

9 Flooring Trends Popping Up in 2022!

Well, folks – seems like once again we are spending more and more time at home, staring at our four walls.  And that means we start to notice all of the design elements of our homes we want to start changing.  A little sprucing up here – a little refresh there….so much to do!  So why not start with your floors?!  Thanks to, here are 9 fun new trends in floors for 2022! 

Be Merry and BRIGHT!

The holiday season is officially in full swing (even though the local radio stations have been blasting holiday tunes since before Thanksgiving!).  As we drive around town, we are seeing more and more beautiful light displays.  Some people keep it simple, some go all out.  Whatever your style is, HGTV has some great light ideas to inspire you! 

Looking to upgrade your basement floors? Here are 5 good options!

Basements are a great part of any house – it’s the place where the kids can go wild, you can set up a home theater, your own personal gym may be down there – so many possibilities!  So when you need to get some new flooring down there, what do you choose?  You need something that can stand up to wear and tear but also something that can handle the different temperatures we often see in this part of the house.  Choosing the right flooring for your specific circumstances is important for your health and your wallet. 

Ew! Tile Floors Looking Gross? Here’s How to Clean ‘Em!

If you’re like me, you have ceramic tile floors covering a large part of your house.  My kitchen and foyer areas are entirely ceramic.  After almost 8 years in my house, they are looking nasty – especially in the high traffic areas.  So how do I keep them looking clean and sparkly?  Luckily, offers some help! 

Your Kitchen Floors: What Options are Low Maintenance?

If your home is like most homes, your kitchen is one of the busiest (if not THE busiest) rooms in the house.  Lots of traffic in and out, cooking, cleaning and the place EVERYONE seems to gather at parties.  So naturally, you want a flooring option that is both beautiful and low maintenance!  Seriously – who has time to worry about your floors with everything else going on in your life?!  Here we go over some of the lowest-maintenance materials out there!

What are different types of polyurethane finishes?

The luster, or “sheen level” of a floor is determined by how the flooring surface reflects light at a particular angle. The luster is measured with a small device called a gloss meter, which measures the amount of reflected light from the light beamed at a given angle onto the floor. This gives us our “scale;” with “Matte” on one end, (being the least glossy and reflective, and “High gloss” on the other end, (being the most shiny and most reflective of the finishes).

5 Signs it’s Time to Replace Your Subfloor

It’s difficult to know everything that goes on below your flooring. Underneath the hardwood, laminate, tile, or carpet lies the subfloor, and it’s a component that only gets attention during a full-scale renovation or a full-blown problem. Even some of the telltale signs are easy to ignore. By the time that the issue becomes apparent, it might be too late for your subfloor.

2021 Flooring Trends!

Flooring has come a long way from shag carpeting and parquet floors!  From tiles to mid-tone woods, there are a ton of gorgeous options to choose from!