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Leftover hardwood? Repurpose it! – Flooring Experts

Leftover hardwood? Repurpose it!

Posted by PDRMarketing1

When you replace your wood floors in your home, you’re often left with a lot of leftover: whether it’s from the floor you’re replacing or leftover from the new floor you just installed, you’re probably wondering what you can do with it!  If it’s leftovers from the new floor, we recommend saving that in case you need to replace any planks.  But if you’re just itching to use it or you have a bunch of your old flooring in good shape, here are 6 fun DIY ideas to repurpose it thanks to Sawdust Sisters

  1. A new bench top! Maybe you need something for your entryway or a larger bench for a dining table.  Either way, leftover hardwood is a great material for a project like this!
  2. A table top!  Make a cool rustic dining room table or a console table for behind your couch!
  3. A wall shelf! Create a cool place to display your stuff!
  4. A laundry countertop!  Create a flat surface to put over your washer and dryer to make folding clothes easier! 
  5. Home decor! Holiday ornaments, wall frames, mirrors….the possibilities are endless! 
  6. A wall treatment! Make a statement wall for a little fun!What are some other fun ideas?!  Comment below!