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Fixes to common problems with laminate floors – Flooring Experts

Fixes to common problems with laminate floors

Posted by PDRMarketing1

In today’s world, options for flooring are endless.  From hardwood to laminate, tile to vinyl and everything in between, there’s no shortage of choices!  But each flooring option comes with its own set of unique challenges and limitations.  Learning what they are and how to handle them is key to maintaining a long and happy relationship with your floor.  Here, we examine some of the issues with laminate flooring and how to solve them!

  1. Slippery Surfaces – the smooth surfaces of laminate flooring can be tough on their own – but when any liquid is spilled, it can become downright dangerous.  Make sure you clean up spills quickly to avoid any potential slips and falls.  If the floor is slippery when dry, consider wearing socks with grips on the bottom or use runners to create better traction. 

Best Waterproof Laminate Flooring Brands 2021

2. Surface damages and scratching – laminate floors can be quite susceptible to scratches.  Walking across them in the wrong shoes or simply moving a piece of furniture incorrectly can cause scratches or dents.  To avoid this, be cognizant of the types of shoes you area wearing (i.e. no high heels or cleats) and put felt pads under furniture. Royalty-free elegant photos free download | Pxfuel3. Bubbles – when liquid is spilled onto the floor and not cleaned up quickly or properly, the water can seep into the spaces between the floor boards.  This can cause bubbling on the surface of the boards.  To avoid this, clean up spills thoroughly and quickly.  In addition, order about 10% more flooring than you need when you have your floor installed.  This way you have extras to replace any damaged pieces! 

4. Fading – laminate floors will fade over time, no matter how much sunlight they are exposed to.  Nowadays, laminate flooring is treated with a UV-resistant layer to keep the color looking like new.  However, this protection doesn’t last forever and can only slow down the fading.  One thing you can control, however, is how evenly the floor fades. Take a good look at how much sunlight your floors get and use window curtains/shades, areas rugs, etc to minimize uneven fading. 

5. Peaking – this occurs when laminate floors lift at the seams.  This is usually caused by climate and weather changes.  Although laminate floors are not a natural material, just like anything else, they need room to expand and move.  When there is no room, peaking (also called crowning) can occur.  To minimize this risk, flooring needs to be installed with an expansion gap and any moisture/climate concerns need to be properly addressed. 

What is Peaking, Buckling, and Cupping in Wood Floors? |  BuildDirectLearning Center

If you’re ready to look at new floors, give us a call!  Our mobile showroom will come to you with one of our Flooring Experts to show you the best options for YOU!